Habib Health Fitness

Charlie M

When we first started working together Charlie was over training, under eating, and programming was all over the place. We first placed an emphasis on learning and executing movements efficiently with intent and purpose. Then, we started with a 3 day workout split, eventually transitioning to a 4 and 5 day split depending on his life outside the gym.

After that, we INCREASED his calories to the point where he was eating more calories than he ever has, weighing heavier than he was when we started, all while still being able to lose body fat!

We focused on recovery, sleep, managing stress, water intake, and simply staying consistent!

We’ve kept things as simple as possible and focused on the little details while making sure we weren’t over training and having a balance between his schooling, social life, and life inside the gym!


Jamie S

Jamie and I first started working together after she had a child and wanted to get back into an exercise routine. Jamie has successfully dropped over 25+lbs while getting out of shoulder, neck, and back pain. She continues to show up and has made her health and fitness a priority, making several lifestyle changes for the long run!