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Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD

I’m Robert Habib, eager to listen to and work toward your health goals alongside you! I’m glad you found my website, and I hope all the information you find here helps you get started on your physical and health goals. I look forward to meeting you soon!

I'm just a 12-minute drive away from Pasadena, MD!

I can go to your home gym, you can come to my gym, or we can train through video call! 

I'm a Certified Professional Trainer 

I have a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology science, I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, and I am a certified pain-free performance specialist. 

I know all the ins and outs of Pasadena, MD!

I’ve lived in the area for quite some time and learned to use the area to help me and my clients build our fitness plans around what’s available here. I know fantastic running trails, pool facilities that blend well with rehabilitation/recovery training plans, places to practice your favorite sports, and much more! I will gladly share this with you if needed. 

You are in good hands, and I will set you up for success!

Personal Training Options & Services for Pasadena, MD

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Any way you imagine training, we have an option for it. Check what we cover here at Habib Health and Fitness. 

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

In-Person, Personal Training At Habib's Gym

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Our in-person personal training goes the extra mile instead of stopping in physical conditioning alone. We emphasize forging a robust physical and mental base, empowering you to excel in every facet of life. All of this is offered at our gym, where you’ll have all the right equipment and environment to reach your goals. 

We deliver tailor-made support, inspiration, refinement of technique, diversity in exercises, and insights into the functioning of your body. Every session is carefully crafted to cater to your specific needs, ensuring you witness a holistic enhancement in your health and wellness. 

Travel limitation: We offer in-home training sessions within a 30-minute drive from Glen Burnie, MD.

In-Home Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

As your certified personal trainer, I’m here to bring customized training sessions to your doorstep! Achieve your wellness objectives within the comfort and privacy of your home gym.

At $150 per hour, you’ll benefit from workouts designed explicitly around your home equipment. This premium offering merges the ease of home workouts with professional expertise to get the best out of your home’s gym. Reserve your spot today and embark on a health transformation with Habib Health and Fitness.

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib
Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Online Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

If you would rather train by yourself but still want to be sure you’re following a safe and efficient training plan tailored to your needs, we can offer you exactly that. And it’s our most cost-effective plan.

At $300 a month, the entire process is monitored and organized through an app, but you will still keep ongoing communication and guidance with me throughout the whole process.

In-Person & Online Personal Training: Hybrid Plan

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Boost your fitness journey with the innovative mix of online and in-person training. This hybrid approach offers the ultimate combination – the convenience and versatility of online workouts and the personalized direction and feedback of in-person sessions. No matter your location or how packed your schedule is, this method guarantees that your fitness regimen stays uninterrupted and impactful.

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

With this plan, you can accommodate your workouts to any schedule.

It costs $300 / Month

for online training and $50 for 1-on-1 private training sessions (up to 4 times per month).

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Nutrition Plans and Progress Tracking

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

If you are interested, our personal training plans can include a comprehensive, personalized nutrition plan designed to fuel your body and mind. This nutrition plan isn’t just about what you eat; it’s about understanding the profound impact of nutrition on your overall well-being. Here’s what you can expect: 

Personalized Nutrition Strategy:

A custom meal plan that aligns with your fitness goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring you enjoy what you eat while making progress.

Progress Tracking:

Regular assessments to monitor changes in body fat percentage, weight fluctuations, and muscle development, providing tangible evidence of your journey towards a healthier you.

Adaptive Adjustments:

As your body evolves, so will your nutrition plan. Based on your progress and feedback, we’ll adjust the plan to keep you on track toward achieving your desired outcomes.

Educational Insights:

Gain valuable knowledge about nutrition’s role in fitness, empowering you to make informed choices beyond our sessions.

A Mental and Emotional Boost

Regular exercise positively impacts your mental health, providing an emotional boost and contributing to your overall well-being.

Let's turn your aspirations into achievements. Start your personalized nutrition journey today!

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Not in Pasadena, MD? Check Our Service Area Below

If your city is not highlighted on this Maryland map, but you are within a 30-minute drive from Glen Burnie, we can still work together for in-home or in-person personal training. We can still work together through online sessions if you’re more than 30 minutes away. If you want to, you can also drive to my gym for in-person training sessions, but be aware that it could be a long drive.

Personalized Training Programs

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

At Habib, we understand everyone has different fitness goals, so we ensure our plans accommodate everyone.  Each plan is dynamically adjusted based on your progress, challenges, and evolving goals, supported by regular evaluations and feedback. Let’s work together to make your goals a reality!

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Adapted to any Age Group

Embark on a fitness journey tailored to meet the unique needs of every age group with personalized training plans that consider your strengths and weaknesses and prioritize what’s best for you based on your age.
Here’s how we personalize our training plans:

  • Teenagers and Young Adults: Focus on building a strong foundation with exercises that enhance flexibility, strength, and endurance. Emphasize proper technique to prevent injuries and encourage a lifelong commitment to fitness.
  • Adults: Tailor programs to address the challenges of sedentary lifestyles, incorporating functional training that improves posture, core strength, and overall fitness.
  • Seniors: Prioritize mobility, balance, and joint health with low-impact exercises designed to enhance daily living. Incorporate strength training to combat muscle loss and flexibility exercises to improve range of motion and reduce the risk of falls.
Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Adapted to Any Fitness Level

As your personal fitness trainer, I tailor training plans to fit every fitness level, ensuring your journey is both effective and enjoyable, no matter where you start:

  • Beginners: Build a solid foundation by focusing on form, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, gradually increasing confidence and ability.
  • Intermediate: Challenge yourself with advanced techniques and concepts to overcome plateaus, boost endurance, and achieve specific goals.
  • Advanced Athletes: Target peak performance with advanced methodologies, sport-specific training, and fine-tuning techniques for a competitive edge.

    Your plan evolves with you, incorporating regular assessments to adapt to your progress. Let’s achieve your health and fitness goals together with a plan that’s as unique as you are.
Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

Adapted to Your Specific Goals

I customize training plans to meet your specific goals, ensuring a targeted and efficient path to success:

  • Weight Loss: Focus on calorie-burning workouts, cardiovascular exercises, and nutritional guidance to achieve a healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • Fat Loss: Optimize fat burning with a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, and tailored nutrition plans to shed unwanted fat while preserving muscle.
  • Muscle Gain: Implement strength training, progressive overload, and diet adjustments to increase muscle mass and strength.
  • Endurance Building: Incorporate interval training, long-duration cardio, and stamina exercises to enhance your endurance and performance.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Integrate stretching routines, yoga, and mobility exercises to improve flexibility, reduce injury risk, and enhance movement quality.
  • Sport-Specific Training: Tailor exercises to the demands of your sport, focusing on improving your skills, strength, and agility relevant to your athletic pursuits.

We Make Training Practical and Convenient

Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib
Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

At Habib Health and Fitness, we focus on creating structured, easy-to-follow plans that can help you develop and maintain a training habit. Here’s how we make working out fit seamlessly into your life:

  • Organized and Detailed Guidance: Every workout and plan is laid out, ensuring you understand the path to your goals.
  • Instructional Videos: Access to videos demonstrating exercises accurately, making it easy to follow along and maintain proper form.
  • Seamless Communication: Stay connected with direct communication channels for support, questions, and feedback.
  • Flexible Schedules: Training plans adapt to your lifestyle, offering flexibility to fit workouts into your busy life.
Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib

This approach ensures that your fitness journey is effective and maintainable in the long run, making it easier to stick to your goals and see results.


Certified Personal Trainer in Pasadena, MD | Habib



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