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Starting a New Fitness Journey, Beyond the Weights and Workout Gear

It is never easy to kick start a fitness journey and stick with it long term. We all know the memes about people filling up gyms January 1st just to be back to its normal occupancy come March. And the real reason is because people are not setting themselves up for success! It takes more than just a want or desire to look better. Changing your life through habits and consistency is the hardest part of it all.

To start (and maintain) a fitness journey that is sustainable, makes you feel good, and gets you results takes a lot of work internally and externally!! The National Academy of Sport Medicine outlines social support (who or what is providing support and what type of support is being provided) as a game changing factor in people’s achievements with fitness. There are many types of support that can influence a person’s success and one important factor to consider when planning for long term fitness goals.

What you need to be successful kick starting your fitness journey

  1. Instrumental support. This necessary support is the actions of another person that will help you reach your goals. A partner who cooks dinner while you’re working out, someone who drives you to the gym, a friend letting you borrow equipment. Having someone close to you provide instrumental support is a key component in allowing you the time, space and accessibility to workout.
  2. Emotional support. Someone offering you emotional support will provide positivity and encouragement through your fitness journey. This could be a friend, partner, personal trainer or anyone in your life who supports you and will hype you up every day! For everyone, there will come a time when you feel burnt out, and this is exactly when this emotional support person is needed the most! A personal trainer will encourage you to stay on track and maintain a positive outlook towards fitness while helping you work through barriers and challenges, while friends and/or family will support you with encouraging words and can listen when you need someone to talk to.
  3. Informational support. Critical to your safety and success, informational support is getting factual information from a professional regarding a specific topic, in this case; exercise. Someone who provides informational support will give advice about how to achieve specific goals you have, will give accurate information about up to date recommendations for physical activity and nutrition, and will guide you using your own progress and achievements. Read this article to learn how to pick a personal trainer that is right for you.
  4. Companionship support. Having people who will workout alongside you, whether that’s daily or weekly or when you just need some motivation, is an important piece to this puzzle. A friend, partner or family member who goes to the gym with you, who is always up for a long walk around the lake or who will facetime with you while you complete a workout in your home gym can make all the difference when it comes to your level of motivation to get up and get moving!
  5. Intrinsic motivation. All of the named types of support above boil down to you having the tools to be motivated on your own. Our intrinsic motivation is the drive within ourselves to change. Knowing that exercising and staying consistent will help you feel good, is enjoyable and will satisfy you are all intrinsic motivators to workout. Extrinsic motivation, or the push to exercise for the results of how our body might look, how we might perform in a marathon or what the outcome might be, is still extremely important but most people need to hone in on the intrinsic motivators in order to have a deep drive to get in the gym, be consistent and work their hardest. Find your WHY!

There are a lot of factors that help or hurt your success in your fitness journey, and it is important to be mindful of the things you are implementing, the people around you, and the words in your head as you work towards a better you. Take some time to put these positive factors in place before you set off on a new healthy fitness path and consider what would help you the most and invest your efforts there first.

Remember that fitness professionals are always available to help with all of the things you may need support in, and our main goals are your success and happiness. You can absolutely do whatever you set your mind to, don’t ever doubt that!

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