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Staying Active in the Winter

Staying active in the winter – The days are short, the mornings are dark, it’s cold out and your body wants to hibernate. A simple walk, jog or outdoor activity sounds a little miserable and full of layers of warm clothing and chapped lips. How do people stay motivated to move their body in the winter? What can you do to stay active even when you naturally want to cozy up on the couch by the fire and read a book? The motivation piece of the physical activity puzzle is HARD in the winter, but knowing how important it is to stay active through the cold might help light a fire under you! 

Although it might not be ideal for fashion, the cold weather is actually great for your body. Anytime, summer or winter, that you expose yourself to daylight you are giving yourself the chance to improve your mood. Seasonal depression is most prevalent in the fall and winter (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because of the lack of sunlight and daytime we experience. Get outside when you can! 

If mood improvement and vitamin D is not convincing enough, the American Heart Association reminds us that exercise boosts our immune system which is critical in the dreaded cold & flu season (CDC). It seems every year sicknesses get more frequent, more intense and harder to fight. Give your body an opportunity to create some natural immunity by staying active through the sick months. 

I know you’ve heard it before, but consistency is KEY! Whether you workout to feel good, get stronger or reach a certain fitness goal, being consistent with your activity is beneficial no matter the month or weather. As unfortunate as it is, your hard work and improvements in your physique or stamina will not last if your working out schedule falls off the map. 

Now that we have some good reasons to get up and get moving, let’s chat about how to be active in the winter. You might need to get a bit creative and think out of the box if your usual 5am run is not an option with snow and ice on the roads. Here are 5 great workout options for the winter:

  1. Join a gym! Gyms are a great place to join in the winter months. They have an abundance of machines, weights, cardio equipment and space. They are pretty affordable and paying for a gym membership can give you some motivation so that you’re not wasting money. Gyms sometimes have classes you can sign up for to take the thought out of your workout and help you keep a schedule! 
  2. Seize the opportunity to get outside for a walk or run. When the sun peeks through the clouds, or if the temp gets into the high 40s at some point, get outside! Take your kids on a long nature walk, take the dog on an adventure, pop in headphones and listen to a podcast, whatever makes you happy and gets you moving is the move! 
  3. Use a fitness app! There are an abundance of apps for your phone or TV that you can follow live, pre-recorded or on your own workouts from. You can usually use filters to find something that meets your preference of time, intensity and workout type. This is especially great for people who are getting back into working out and are starting at home! 
  4. Hire an online fitness coach! Personal trainers are using virtual training as an amazing platform that gives you the perks of having workouts tailored to you and feedback from a professional, while having the flexibility to workout in your own space and at your own time! This is a great option if you like to workout at home or need some flexibility with your workout schedule. 
  5. Start a fitness competition with your friends! Use your smart watch to start competitions or get more invested with a fun daily/weekly challenge between your co-workers or friend group. Motivate each other and have fun while getting active. Head one over to google and search up “fitness challenges with friends” and you’ll find an abundance of ideas to kickstart your winter workouts.

The best thing about staying consistent in the winter is that when spring rolls around, you are on track or even ahead of where you thought you’d be with your fitness goals and now you get to enjoy the nicer weather! Winter is cold, a little dark, and sometimes a bit dreary, but working out warms you up and helps you seize the season with a better attitude, healthier immune system and a strong winter bod! 

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